About Us

Our Story

ECOB, our 'premiere' venture is rooted in the philosophy “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.Barcelona, a bustling city is well-known for shopping, architecture, and beaches and ‘a heaven for fashionistas’. In this dazzling city, our sojourn in the business world could take no better shape than a fashion boutique. Fashion industry is also one of the major polluters in the world.Our basic ethos wants us to be part of the solution rather than that of the problem. Thus was born ECOB, an ethical lifestyle boutique. We believe that we don’t need to be hardcore environmentalists to make a difference. It is the little choices we make that counts. To be humane is the ‘in-thing’. We are continuously thriving to make differences in people ́s lives,though small yet significant. However, our story is never complete without bold, beautiful and compassionate people like you. Do believe that every buying decision you make has the power to change the world a little.

Our Guiding Principles


Sustainability is the core value of ECOB, and we are constantly striving to achieve it. We are continually evolving innovative ways to make every stage of our production more sustainable.We envision a kind of fashion that is ‘Good For You and Good For the Planet’.


We work every day to uphold our motto “Be the reason someone smiles today”. It is customary to buy buy Rattan bags directly from the artisans in Bali to avoid middle man. We are also collaborating with an NGO Srishti in India for our natural dyed stoles. They are pioneers in Munnar, Kerala, in providing well-paying employment to differently abled young people. Our other fashion accessories also toe the same line. We want our fashion pieces to make you look stunning and feel good in a guilt free way


Each handcrafted Rattan Bag is a story in itself unfolding the age-old tradition, art and craft of Balinese culture. Unique in its literal sense, each creation is an authentic proof of the marvelous craftsmanship and the rich tradition. Transcending boundaries, it brings with it a part of the culture that you can proudly own.