'Handcrafted as pure as mother nature'

This nature inspired jewellery made of tropical seeds reminds you of your nomadic lifestyle and free-spirit. Versatile as the nature itself, our jungle jewellery collection makes a unique statement with any outfit- boho, chic, sexy, casual or you name it.


Heavenly collection in earthy tones

Our ethereal and warm stole collection is made of natural dyes that have a serene texture and hand feel. We are collaborating with an NGO Srishti in India, in their efforts towards preserving this unique repository of community heritage. Raw materials are derived solely from nature’s bounty. Dye is then carefully extracted to conserve the rich and natural tones. Unique designs are created using different printing crafts like block printing, batik, mordant printing and shibori, the intricate-tie- and- dye method. No two designs are same. What is similar is the infusion of vibrant colours and rich tones. Timeless and sustainable, our natural dyed stoles are a must have in every wardrobe.